Best Camp Kitchens


As we all know, food can make or break your experience at camp. Whether you’re in the dining hall, the mess hall, the cafeteria, or the lodge, wherever you spend meal times can be just as much a part of your adventures at camp as any activity. Most camps offer a flexible menu catering to allergies and special diets, but these camps really knock it out of the park when it comes to dining during the summer. (According to their websites.) We’re getting hungry just writing about it!

Point O’Pines Camp for Girls
Located in the Adirondack Mountains, director Jim Himoff, craves only the highest culinary quality when it comes to the menu offered to the Point O’Pines campers. “Fresh fruit, a well-stocked salad bar, soup and pasta bars are offered at meals and our own bakery provides campers with fresh whole-grain baked goods every day.” Promoting a healthy diet, Point O’Pines has organized a gardening program for their campers educating them on how to plant and harvest fresh fruits and vegetables. Be sure to check out their website for sample menus of each meal the campers enjoy every summer!

Camp Cobbossee for Boys

Where most camps elaborate on their traditional dining hall and menu stemming from only the freshest of ingredients, this boys’ sports and adventure camp in Maine does things differently, and you won’t be disappointed. Chef Louis just finished his 31st successful summer at Camp Cobbossee where he “brings love and immense skill to each meal”. Hailing from Gainesville Florida, Chef Louis’ southern hospitality and famous fried chicken, that derives from a secret family recipe, have become a cornerstone when it comes to this camps history. Not always a carnivorous athlete? No problem. Camp Cobbossee has an organic garden where “Louis and his staff take the produce right off the vine”. Offering the freshest quality produce used to prepare each meal and stock their impressive salad bar.  Stop by their website for more information on the menu offered and why we think this camp kitchen is nothing short of a grand slam!

Eden Village Camp

“73 footsteps from farm to kitchen to table.” This 248-acre camp located north of New York City in the Hudson Valley offers the most local, and organic, approach when it comes to their meals. Eden Village campers assist the chefs in preparing each meal with 95% of their ingredients being organic. “Last summer, we grew and ate over 2,000 pounds of our organic produce!” Most campers at Eden Village Camp have primarily vegetarian diets that matches one of their core values of sustainability. Founding directors Yoni and Vivian Stadlin had inspired to create a Jewish environmental overnight camp which has become “a living model of a thriving, inspired, sustainable Jewish community, grounded in social responsibility and vibrant spiritual life.” Check out their website for more information on this unique, healthy, and plentiful menu offered keeping it Kosher for many more summers to come.

Mountain Camp

Along the shore of Ice House Lake in the Eldorado National Forest stands Mountain Camp. “Our Food Service Director brings more than three decades of experience as a chef and certified nutritionist to our program.” Counselors serving their bunk most meals with a family style setting, this co-ed camp in California caters to essentially every taste bud. With a dinner menu varying from a taco bar to teriyaki chicken, spaghetti to pulled pork sandwiches, and of course the traditional hamburgers and pizza. Remember that camper who only ate a half a bowl of croutons for lunch, then asks you for food two hours before dinner? Yeah, I feel every camp has that picky eater. Luckily, Mountain Camp offers a snack table in their Main Lodge with fresh fruit and healthy snacks that are available for the campers whenever they’d like. A sample menu for each meal is available to view on their website, be sure to check it out!

Camp Greystone

“Since it’s rare to eat the same meal twice in a session, we encourage the girls to try new foods, such as grits or salmon.” Wow, talk about variety! This girls Christian camp located near Tuxedo, North Carolina is offering up quite the assortment of all types of delectable eats. Eggs benedict with Canadian bacon & hollandaise sauce for breakfast, roasted chicken with rice & gravy for lunch, poached salmon & garlic roasted potatoes for dinner…this menu is beyond any traditional camp cuisine. Camp Greystones salad is always packing the freshest hummus, tri-colored bell peppers, and hard boiled eggs alongside spring mix lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, roasted squash, quinoa salad, flax seeds, you name it! However, their dessert menu is what has our stomachs rumbling. “Lunch and dinner always end with a fantastic dessert, such as Oreo pie, blackberry cobbler, or chocolate chip cookies.” To hear more about Camp Greystone’s menu head over to their website for a sample menu and panoramic tour of their dining hall!

Think your camp should’ve made our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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