Camp Countdown: 250 Days

Much like yourselves, our camp countdown began the moment we stepped onto the bus to the airport. We all make sacrifices when we sign our contracts committing three months, sometimes even more, to the place we love most. Although it seems like a lifetime before we’re all back to our home away from home, there’s some preparation you could get ahead of for next summer. Here’s a short list of things we’re doing to assure our next summer will be everything we want without the extra baggage.

1. Financial Planning

For some of us, camp isn’t so close to home. There’s plane tickets, bus rides, taxis…I don’t know about you, but this all starts to add up quick. Making financial plans now could make things a lot easier when it comes to that much awaited drive up the entrance road. Get a general idea of how much it might cost for flights, buses, taxis, etcetera, and start saving a fraction of that each month. Don’t forget to factor in funds for food and the possibility of getting stuck somewhere unfamiliar. Trust us, sleeping in the airport is not a fun time.

2. Packing List

If you’re a camp veteran you know what to pack, but sometimes there’s things even we forget. Those trips into the local town are vital, but don’t always occur when we need them. Most camps have a generic packing list for campers and staff they send out along with other crucial paperwork. If you haven’t received one it wouldn’t hurt to reach out and ask, especially if you’re a first-year camper or staff. Unfortunately, you might not be able to pack every necessity. If your camp has a mailing address add it to your Amazon account and have a few needed items in your cart. Before you make your way to camp buy a mattress pad, first aid kit, floating flashlight, and see if it can arrive when you do. If you have medications that require a prescription you might have to reach out to the pharmacy closest to camp and arrange a pickup upon your arrival.

3. Staying Fit

Camp can be physically exhausting from arrival to pick up day. Your effort isn’t overlooked…honestly, it’s shared, and of course appreciated. Walk to work on a sunny day, head to the gym after class, dance to your favorite camp song while you’re cooking dinner…the options are limitless! Getting a head start on your health now will not only keep us waterfront body ready, but staying active is also a fantastic way to fight post camp blues.
It might seem like you’re getting way ahead of the game, but you’ll be grateful you got started early. Feel like we’ve missed something? Let us know and we’ll see you at the next camp countdown!

Your unofficial co-counselor,

J. Humble


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