3 Tips on Marketing Camp Videos

Lights! Camera! CAMP!

Whether you’re thinking of reshooting your camps promotional video or it’s been the same for fifteen years, here’s a few helpful hints to maximize its intention.

Disable Comments

Besides all the internet trolls commenting something rather innapropriate or completely irrelevant about your camp, disabling comments has other benefits as well. Of course, the campers and counselors in the video are eager to tag each other, but what if they each had to share the video? Sharing a video instead of liking it, or tagging your friends, broadens the audience to more than just your inner circle. With nowhere to comment or tag, the viewer is more like to share your video reaching more potential campers and their families.

Elaborate on Activities, Don’t Just List Them

As much as we all love to show off our camps picturesque surroundings and sunsets over the waterfront, we know there’s more to offer than just sightseeing. What makes your camp different from the rest? Odds are your camp specializes in one area more than others. Sports camps, arts camps, coding camps, even film making camps. When parents are choosing a camp, they could be clicking through videos one after the other as they all start to mold together. “We offer a variety of sports with coaches from across the globe.” Fantastic, but so does this camp, and this one…and oh yeah, that one too. What about your coaching would make a parent choose your camp over the rest? Be specific and show examples.

Don’t Script Anything

Parents love seeing camper interviews! They want to picture their son or daughter at your camp, don’t disappoint them with a camper that’s obviously reading off a script. We shouldn’t have to tell you that camp’s a magical place. When shooting your video, provide ample time for the camera crew to get around to each activity. The counselors create the memories for the campers through motivation, positivity, and encouragement that comes naturally to them as educators, coaches, and role models. If you’re attempting to “set up” an epic camp moment, parents pick up those things in the video. Don’t force those incredibly impactful moments, let them shine in their natural light. Just let camp…be camp.

Your unofficial co-counselor,

J. Humble

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